Building renovation portfolio

Register of accompished projects of building renovations

Please download a pdf file with a wider list of all the intervention on works of art done by Barbara Ramasco. The contribution of technical restoration supervisor Barbara Ramasco allows Carbone Costruzioni Holding to offer its customers highly qualified restoration services, certified as ISO 9001:2008 compliant in accordance with SOA OS2.

Quirinale palace, Casina di Urbano VIII

Restoration and reconditioning of the fresco decorations of the vault, stained by whitewash and limescale build-up; reconstruction of missing parts, wall restoration. Restoration of several canvas paintings: Anonymous sec. XIX “Ritratto di Maria Cristina di Savoia figlia di Vittorio Emanuele I” Oil on canvas cm 105 x 78 x 6 Golden wood frame Pietro Righini […]

Quirinale Palace, Rome, Italy

Sinibaldi Palace

Restoration of stucco and stone facade decorations.

Rome, Italy

Colonna di hera Lacinia

Column of Hera Lacinia

Throughout history, the Temple of Hera -one among the great sanctuaries of the Magna Grecia- has been consistently looted, damaged and transformed to the point that little of its original sacredness, function and aspect survived to this day. One of the first examples recorded in history of such careless manipulations is dated back to 173 […]

Crotone, Italy

colonnato di San Lorenzo, Milano

Restoration of San Lorenzo’s colonnade

Facing the Basilica of San Lorenzo Maggiore, the colonnade is composed of 16 white marble columns, each built with two drums featuring 24 grooves and topped by corinthian capitals that support the trabeation. Column bases rest on a 50cm tall platform.

Milan, Italy

fontane del muro del pincio di villa medici

Fountains of the Pincio wall

Fountain north east of grid reference Q13 The preliminary phase of the restoration process required several stratigraphic studies and microscope examinations in order to identify previous restorations, determine the original pigments and plaster composition, in order to perfectly replicate them. Analysis showed that plaster mouldings had recently undergone restoration: a few portions of plaster had […]

Pincio Neighborhood, Rome, Italy

san luigi dei francesi

San Luigi dei Francesi

Main aisle restoration: vaulting, dome, apse and marble floor. Stucco sculpted group, gilt stucco, plaster surfaces, marble cladding, metallic details, wall painting, giltwood elements.

Rome, Italy